Software general description

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CEPC software runs on the Scientific Linux (SLC) system. There are some independent parts: generator, simulation, reconstruction and analysis, which are contacted with each other through files in LCIO format. In each package, there are serveral packages to compose. Most of packages dependent on C++, and only few of them are dependent on Fortran. But C++ compiler also can link them as C++ library for running.

The initial version of CEPC software is transplanted from ILCSoft. Our group has developed some our own packages (Druid, Arbor, ArborTracking, PFA, …) and modified some packages as independent branch (MokkaC, ConformalTracking, …). Besides these packages as core of CEPC software and other origin packages of ILCSoft, the following packages are also needed before installing CEPC software.

  • ROOT
  • GEANT4
  • LCIO
  • MySQL
  • XercesC
  • QT
  • CMake