vvH, H->di W Analysis

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  • You may find the project at https://code.ihep.ac.cn/liangh/vvhww. The website is open to register. When you can access the project, use git clone git@code.ihep.ac.cn:liangh/vvhww.git to have a local copy of this project.


In the process of vvH, H->WW, WW->lvqq, the invariant mass of di-jet () is just the module of 4-momentum of . One of di-W boson is real, and the orther is virtual, as shown in the figures below respectively.

It is expected there are one sharp peak at mass and a bump at lower energy than the W mass in the invariant mass spectrum of di-jet.

Event Selection

  • The input sample is the vvH, H->WW, WW inclusively decay. We firstly select the final state out using the Monte Carlo truth information.
  • Then we need to find out the muon which comes from . This muon is just identified as the or with maximum energy.
  • Finally, the invariant mass of is calculated by Jet clustering is not needed.


The invariant mass of di-jet from W