Customized generation

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Different analyese or different purpose could need some special event samples. Here a brief introduction of how to customize WHIZARD generation is provided.

Generate samples at different energy points

The first example is generate Higgs signal and standard model background process at different energy points.

The script is used to make the steering files for all the processes defined in the input process(prc) file. Four parameters have to be send to

  1. The pattern works with:

    -p make all the SM backgrounds

    -h make the Higgs processes

    -a make di-photon backgrounds

  2. The prc file in which the required processes defined there are several well defined prc files in the directory:

    2fermions.prc for the 2 fermions SM backgrounds,

    4fermions.prc for the 4 fermions SM backgrounds,

    6fermions.prc for the 6 fermions SM backgrounds, including the t-tbar processes, specific to 350GeV,

    higgs.prc for the higgs production, classified according to the decay products of higgs,

    gamma.prc for the di-photon backgrounds, needs tuning.

  3. The center of mass energy. Be aware that the 6fermions.prc is programed only under 350GeV case.

  4. The directory where you want the samples located

    The gramma is “source -pattern XXX.prc cms path”. After it completed, all the steering files will be created under the current location, and classified according to the processes defined in the prc file. The samples will be generated under the location specified by the parameter path.

    • source -h higgs.prc Ecms path_for_generated_results

    • source -p 2fermions.prc Ecms path_for_generated_results
    • source -p 4fermions.prc Ecms path_for_generated_results
    • source -p 6fermions.prc Ecms path_for_generated_results

    For the users who want to generate samples with specific models, first the model name in the prc should be changed to the new one, and the model file has to be installed at $whizard_dir/conf/models/.

    all the necessary files can be find at /cefs/data/stdhep/generator

Generate exclusive Higgs signal process

After successful excecution of the “source -h higgs.prc Ecms path_for_generated_results”, a directory will be created automaticlly at current location, named higgs. All combinations of $Z$ and $H$ decay modes can be found in this directory. It looks like

Control the Initial State Radiation (ISR) and beam parameters

Beyond standard model