Tracking Efficiency

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Reconstructed MCParticle

If a MCParticle match a reconstructed track, the MCParticle is said to be reconstructed.

Truth match

The Truth match includes two steps:

  • Digi-Hit, MCParticle match: If a Sim-Hit from the MCParticle contributes to the Digi-Hit, the Digi-Hit is said to come from the MCParticle.
  • Track, MCParticle match: if weight = #(hits from MCParticle)/#(hits to reconstruct track) > 0.9, the track is said to correspond to the MCParticle.

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Reconstructed tracks

The reconstructed tracks is defined as

True Tracks

The true tracks is defined as: All the MCParticle p, K, pi, e, or mu


Selected means the MCParticle is not a back-scattering and is not a delta-electron


If the MCParticle is selected, the first candidate will be regarded as accepted.


It is possible that the MC particle is reconstructed while the True track is missing.

Tracks type classification

The tracks should be identified.

Efficiency plot

NewArborTracking CEPCv1 NewArborTracking CEPCv1 NewArborTracking CEPCv4 NewArborTracking CEPCv4 Clupatra CEPCv1 Clupatra CEPCv1 Clupatra CEPCv4 Clupatra CEPCv4

On tau->3pi sample:

Arbor CEPCv4