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CEPCEnv is a toolkit for managing the CEPC software. It is written mainly in python, support various shells (sh/bash/zsh/csh/tcsh).


CEPCEnv is a standard python package, it could be installed with pip tool.

In order to simplify the installation for users who are not familiar with python, also not to affect other python environment, an installation script is provided:

curl -sSL http://cepcsoft.ihep.ac.cn/package/cepcenv/script/install.sh | sh -s [CEPCENV_DIR]


Common Options

Find help content with command:

cepcenv --help
cepcenv <subcommand> --help

cepcenv ls

cepcenv ls-remote

cepcenv install

cepcenv use

cepcenv ls-package

cepcenv clean

cepcenv exit

cepcenv version