CEPC Software on CVMFS

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Using CernVM-FS is a convenient way to distribute software. The software only needs to be installed on the central server for one time. All the clients will be able to have the latest CEPC software version automatically.

User with IHEP account

If you have IHEP AFS account, everything are already on lxslc6. You can skip the installation and go to the section Initialize CEPCEnv.

Install CVMFS Client on the Local Machine

The CVMFS client could be installed from scratch with the following script. The root previlege is required.

wget http://cepcsoft.ihep.ac.cn/package/cepcenv/script/install_cvmfs.sh
chmod +x install_cvmfs.sh
sudo ./install_cvmfs.sh

If you already have CVMFS client installed, you only need to add IHEP domain by:

sudo rpm -ivh http://mirror.ihep.ac.cn/yum/others/cvmfs-config-ihep-default-1.3-1.noarch.rpm

After a successful installation of CVMFS client, the directory /cvmfs/cepc.ihep.ac.cn/software/cepcsoft should be available as the CEPC software root. All the release versions and software packages are ready for use out of box.

Initialize CEPCEnv

The initialization of CEPCEnv is necessary before using cepcenv command.

For sh/bash/zsh user, initialize CEPCEnv with:

. /cvmfs/cepc.ihep.ac.cn/software/cepcenv/setup.sh

csh/tcsh user should use:

source /cvmfs/cepc.ihep.ac.cn/software/cepcenv/setup.csh

You may want to put this command in your shell login file, e.g., $HOME/.bashrc for bash.

Configure CEPC Software Root

The configuration file ~/.cepcenv.conf contains basic setups for CEPCEnv. Create the file if it does not exist:

[ -e ~/.cepcenv.conf ] || cepcenv config -e > ~/.cepcenv.conf

Edit ~/.cepcenv.conf and uncomment the software_root line. Set software_root to the CEPC software installation root directory:

software_root: /cvmfs/cepc.ihep.ac.cn/software/cepcsoft

Setup CEPC Software Environment

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